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Revolutionizing Real Estate
Through Complete Transparency

Forward-thinking and consumer-focused, Direct Connect MLS has redefined the home buying and home selling process, saving consumers billions along the way.

Let's help you find your dream home.

75 Fulton Street #21, Boston, MA 02109

This Listing has a potential savings of:  $58.000


Apartment Building
Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions
Urban Bedroom
Luxury Bathroom
Bright and Modern Kitchen
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Search our extensive database of homes for sale and find the right agent for you.

Save thousands on your next stunning home!

This Listing has a Potential Savings of: $58.000

3 Beds
3 Baths
1,950 Sq. Feet

Understanding the real estate commission can save you thousands.

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Image by Pascal Bernardon
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Clearly identify listing agents or hire a buyer agent.

So what's the buyer advantage?

Direct Connect MLS has empowered home buyers by clearly identifying the listing agent for every home while providing a choice to hire a verified buyer agent.

Woman with Long Hair
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That's great, and the seller advantage?

Direct Connect MLS promotes the disclosure of a variable rate commission which can save you thousands in unnecessary fees.

Variable Rate Commission?

Listings where one amount of commission is payable if the listing agent is the procuring cause of sale and an additional amount of commission is payable if the sale results through the efforts of a buyer agent.

Image by Huy Nguyen
Image by Evelina Friman
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Real-time listing updates.

Never miss a beat!  Create your own custom hot sheets and receive immediate alerts when a new listing hits the market.

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