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Revolutionizing Real Estate
Through Complete Transparency

Direct Connect MLS Is here to empower home buyers with their next home search by providing a powerful and completely transparent experience. Search on your time and your terms. It's easy and free. We are fully transparent so that you understand how the real estate commission works and how it can affect the sales price.

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Search our extensive database of homes for sale and find the perfect home for you.

Direct Connect MLS has created a completely stress free and transparent search experience designed to eliminate consumer confusion and frustration. Understanding the real estate commission will save you thousands.

Save thousands on your next stunning home!

This listing has a potential savings of:  $58.000

3 Beds
3 Baths
1,950 Sq. Feet

Direct Connect MLS launches a powerful and completely transparent home buying and selling experience. See How.

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Fall in love with your next home buying and selling experience.

Direct Connect MLS will be saving consumers Billions per year through complete transparency. Understanding the real estate commission will save you thousands. 

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Clearly identify the listing agent. Choose to work with a verified buyer agent.

Clearly identify the                                      for each home. In many cases, a seller will pay their agent one fee if there is no buyer agent and an additional fee if there is a buyer agent.  Need some guidance? Review buyer agent profiles, receive rebates, and choose the right agent for you. 

Verified Listing Agent

So what's the homebuyer advantage?

Clearly identifying the listing agent and understanding how the real estate commission works can save you thousands. At Direct Connect MLS we have eliminated random and annoying buyer agent calls trying to convince you their services are free.  

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That's great, and the
home seller advantage?

Tired of paying two commissions?  Understanding commission options and how it works can save you thousands. Ask your agent about a variable rate commission agreement. 

Powerful insights and
advantages for agents.

Tired of losing control of your listing?  Tired of other sites selling your data to buyer agents? Increase your bottom line by offering a variable rate commission to your seller. Your listing, your lead!

Buyer Agent?  Get featured and offer rebates and special services to home buyers looking for assistance.

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